ThompsonBaker Featured in MSA’s 2016 Annual Report

ThompsonBaker was recently featured as one of the first stories in The Main Street America (MSA) Group’s 2016 Annual Report. The article highlights our valuable partnership with Old Dominion, an MSA-affiliated carrier who began working with us more than 30 years ago.

Since our partnership started in the 1980s, our companies have worked side-by-side and seen important growth together through the years. Old Dominion is now our third-largest carrier, and is responsible for nearly 20% of our overall commercial accounts.

One of the reasons we have worked together for so many years is because we have a personal partnership with Old Dominion. “One thing that has remained strong throughout all of those years is our relationship with the personnel,” said Greg Baker, chairman of ThompsonBaker. “With Old Dominion, our ties have always been very, very consistent.”

The article also uncovers a little bit of our history together. We feel Old Dominion and MSA are extremely important components of Florida’s property/casualty marketplace. In fact, our company actually spoke on behalf of MSA during meetings when they were in the process of moving their headquarters to Florida in 2005.

Partnerships like the one we have with Old Dominion and Main Street America are necessary when you’re trying to successfully grow your business. It’s important to have good people working with you and getting you new leads. You can be great at what you do, but without some help along the way, it will be very difficult to make a name for yourself as a brand. The message is simple: do quality work and form lasting relationships with people, and it will pay off in the end.


You can view the original article here.



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