Weathering the Storm

Throughout our lives, we have to face many storms. Some of these storms are figurative, but often times—especially in Florida—they are literal. When Hurricane Matthew swept through the St. Augustine area last October, ThompsonBaker had to face struggles along with the rest of the community. In our recent video post, President and C.E.O Matt Baker discusses overcoming challenges and serving the community during this trying time.

The Storm


Hurricane Matthew was one of the most powerful storms to hit St. Augustine in recent years, and did extensive damage to countless local homes and businesses. When the storm hit, we were worried our building might not be there when we arrived on the scene. While not washed away, our office experienced substantial flooding that caused most our employees to have to move up to the second floor while we restored the foundation.

Although the conditions were a bit cramped on the second floor, the tight quarters facilitated an even better sense of camaraderie with the team. Everyone remained optimistic throughout the process and kept a positive attitude.

The Aftermath

“As challenging as the storm had been, we believe that good things oftentimes come out of difficult circumstances.” – Matt Baker

Although the damage from the storm certainly affected us, we know many people were impacted in a more significant way. Our team believes it’s important to be there for people through difficult circumstances. We decided that it was an opportunity for us to come alongside our clients and the community, and help them through the difficult process. We were hurting for our wonderful city, so we donated our time and money in support during the struggle.

The Takeaway

Whether it was giving insurance advice, donating money to relief organizations, or getting a bit more hands-on by volunteering, helping the community after Hurricane Matthew was a rewarding experience.

The team’s hard work, positive attitude and willingness to move forward displays the resiliency that ThompsonBaker has shown for nearly a century. When the storms in your life weigh you down, you can count on us to remain a firm foundation you can rely on through the tough times.


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