City of St. Augustine Receives Important Reimbursement for Safety Measures

ThompsonBaker was recently mentioned in an article for the City of St. Augustine. The city needed to put its public workers through critical safety training, but lacked the necessary funds to put everything together. Without this important training, public works staff and rescue personnel could find themselves in serious danger when it comes to both daily work and rescue operations. The city decided to use the fire department staff to train the public works staff, which eliminated the need for outside trainers. The savings were then applied to purchasing new calibrated gas monitors and safety equipment for both departments. However, this was not enough to cover all the costs and the city still needed funding.

ThompsonBaker recently insured the City of St. Augustine, and helped them obtain the funding they needed. The insurance carrier we placed their coverage with has a risk management program that reimburses up to $5,000 on a 50/50 basis for safety training and equipment. They reviewed and accepted our application, which helped the city procure $4,260 in funding for loss control training, safety precautions, equipment, etc.

This story is important because it shows how multiple groups can work together to achieve a goal. The city managed the scheduling and budget, the fire department trained public works employees, and ThompsonBaker helped get the money needed to complete the important process. We enjoyed working with the City of St. Augustine, and we’re glad we could play our part in making this historic city safer.


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