Q1 & Q2 CORE Value Awards Winners

The Winner is selected by the TBA leadership and Operations teams quarterly based on criteria that aligns with TBA CORE Goals and Values. The current criteria for being nominated are:

Dependability – Good attendance and stays current on workflow. This is a team member who rarely misses work due to unplanned circumstances and stays current on job responsibilities.
Quality – Excellent accuracy in work product like quotes, reports etc.. This is a team member whose work product is accurate and requires little follow-up, corrections or assistance to get the job done right the first time.

Teamwork – Sound communications skills with focus on Team results. This is a team member who communicates well one-on-one and in group meetings. They make themselves available to assist others whenever possible. They are Selfless vs. Selfish.

Congratulations to our Q1 & Q2 CORE Value Award winners!


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