Hurricane Hotline

ThompsonBaker Agency has been serving the St. Augustine community for nearly a century.

We at ThompsonBaker Agency are prepared with a Catastrophe Plan that will enable us to resume our operations as soon as possible. This plan includes an alternate location in the event we are unable to return to our office, radio ads so that you will know how and where to contact us, ThompsonBaker Agency t-shirts for the adjusters assigned to handle our client’s claims so that you’ll know who they are upon arrival, and much more. Expediting claims and seeing that the needs of our business associates, neighbors and friends are met after a brush with disaster is our number one priority.

We are encouraging all business owners to prepare their business for Hurricane Irma by doing the following:
  1. Listen for Weather Updates on the local radio stations or television news stations.
  2. Protect your employees. Please schedule only essential personnel during the storm if you are not in an evacuation zone. Distribute and discuss your business hurricane plan for recovery.
  3. Document the current state of your property to include buildings, vehicles and inventory with photos and video.
  4. Back up all your data to a cloud and if not, take all back up tapes, DVD, etc. with you. Store any computers/electronics in waterproof containers at the highest point in your business
  5. Secure all documentation including your insurance policies.
  6. Fill vehicles with gas, oil and other fluids
  7. Bring any outside items inside that cannot be anchored
  8. Obtain plenty of cash as banks and ATM’s will not operate without electricity
  9. Have all employee, vendor, client information on hand

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